About the Standards Assessment Tool

This offering from Appointment Works is an online presentation of the COE - developed organizational standards developed by and for the CSBG Network through the work of the CSBG Working Group. The CSBG organizational standards provide a standard foundation of organizational capacity for all CSBG Eligible Entities (CEEs) across the United States. AppointmentWorks offers two different kinds of tools, INDIVIDUAL and STATE

INDIVIDUAL CAA Standards Assessment Tool

This trial displays the features in our product for INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCIES. Features include:

  • Easy navigation of standards with collapsible content panes
  • Convenient entry and editing of survey information
  • Feedback capture to address ideas/concerns of standards
  • Status indicator to know which standards still need attention
  • Export to PDF file for easy emailing of information

The INDIVIDUAL CAA Standards Assessment Tool has default surveys and is free to use for any agency

STATE LEVEL Standards Assessment Tool

The STATE Standards Assessment Tool aggregates data from individual agencies. Features include:

  • Customized surveys
  • Upload of supporting documents for each standard
  • Agency status reports
  • Aggregate reports for standards results
  • Streamlined survey submission

About AppointmentWorks

Appointment Works provides interactive voice response and web technologies that help CSBG Eligible Entities provide better customer service, improve operational efficiency, save time and money, and ultimately strengthen their commitment to alleviating the causes and conditions of poverty in their local communities. Appointment Works focuses our technologies on community service programs such as Utility Assistance, Head Start, Weatherization, Community Engagement, Volunteer Management, and many more with solutions that help with scheduling, calendaring, recruiting, reminding and notifying the public into and about these programs. For more information about Appointment Works, please visit www.appointmentworks.net or call 844-APTWRKS or 844-278-9757.

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